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The museum block contains buildings from four centuries. The Pedagogium (schoolhouse) is Finland’s oldest surviving profane wooden building within an urban setting. It was completed in 1696 and represented the modern architecture of the time. In addition to the school room there was the Synod house, where the Ostrobothnian clergy would convene. The school primarily taught Latin grammar, writing and arithmetic. In the mid 18th century botany was added to the curriculum. Nowadays the building serves as home to the K.H. Renlund Museum.

Standing opposite the schoolhouse, the building known as the Lassander house was built in 1748 and is one of the oldest surviving houses in Kokkola. Kokkola was one of the first cities in Finland where two-storey houses were allowed to build. The building is now a museum in which you can acquaint yourself with the living environment of an 18th century burgher family.

The third building in the block, constructed in 1818, is a Exhibition Hall of the K.H. Renlund Museum. The building was originally constructed as a residence for the teacher, but it has also been a primary school and the city library.

In the museum block’s newest building hosts Kieppi – Kokkola Museum of Natural History.

In summer there is also the Waffle Café (Vohvelikahvila) in the museum yard.

Free entry! See the opening hours.

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