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The Chydenius Park was founded in 1860 to improve the city’s fire safety. In the 1800s the park was also known variously as the East Park. in the middle of the park there is a statue of Anders Chydenius (Valter Runeberg 1903). Anders Chydenius was a vicar, parliamentarian, economist and champion of liberalism. Among other things he influenced the enactment of religious freedom, obtaining a staple right for the city (1765) and reforming financial institutions.

Continuing along Isokatu we arrive at the city’s pedestrian centre. At the end of the street there is the railway station which was constructed between 1884–1886 as well as art nouveau building Kokkolinna (1908), which was the city’s first multi-storey residential building and its first building with mains water and drainage.

The Roos´s House