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  • Neristan – the old wooden town in Kokkola

    The Old Wooden Town Neristan is a gem at the centre of Kokkola and it is one of our country’s most extensively preserved historical area of wooden houses. Enjoy the walking along the ready-planned  route or participate in one of the guided tours of Neristan.

  • Conference in Kokkola

    Congress Kokkola is easy to reach wherever you are! It provides a wide range of customisable and functional congress services in central Finland, along fast traffic connections. The meeting and conference facilities and the comfortable hotels of Kokkola are all situated in a central location, near the marketplace.

  • Kokkola for children

    Have a great time in the well-maintained parks and skate areas of Kokkola. The weather is always perfect in VesiVeijari. There is both an indoor and an outdoor slide, which are sure to thrill you all day long. The Toivonen Animal Park and Peasant Museum offers something to see and do for the whole family.

  • Lighthouse island of Tankar

    Tankar – the island of a thousand tales – is a picturesque lighthouse island in the outer archipelago. The traditions of seafaring and fishing live strong on this rugged and beautiful island. The M/S Jenny connection to Kokkola, the summer café, guest harbour and accommodation choices are available to the locals an  tourists alike.

  • Visit Kokkola brochure

    Start your Kokkola adventure with us today. Check out the tips and recommendations for your vacation; accommodation, restaurants, events,  attractions and activities. Our brochures can be read online.

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Winter highlights

  • Enjoy the christmas spirit in Kokkola

    Christmas in Kokkola invites you to go shopping, enjoy the culture or just the old-fashioned Christmas atmosphere. In Kokkola’s event calendar you will find interesting options for different events where you can get a taste of the Christmas spirit. Click your way through our calendar and enjoy the christmas spirit.

    Event Calendar
  • Advent Calendar in Neristan

    In December The Old Town of Neristan’s 24 windows turn into an advent calendar, when the residents decorate them to a festive look for christmas. This is the perfect time to take a walk through Neristan. Who knows, maybe you will meet some elves around the old town?

  • Sketches of North at K.H. Renlund Museum

    Sketches of North is a series of works by video and installation artist Hannu Karjalainen, consisting of moving pictures and a strong soundscape. It is shown to the public for the first time at the K. H. Renlund museum Exhibition hall from 20th of September 2023 until 14th of February 2024.

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  • Cycling year-round

    The surroundings of Kokkola offer ideal routes for cycling. Rent a fatbike or electric bike and explore destinations on the coast.  How about  participating in bike safaris?

    Cycling in Kokkola
  • Kieppi

    Kieppi – Kokkola museum of Natural History is filled with natures wonders. Veikko Salkio’s natural history collection, Viljo Nissinen’s mineral collection and Armas Järvelä’s lepidoptera collection are on display at the museum quarter. Kieppis garden displays the province’s rock types and specialities of the Finnish bedrock.

  • A world-class Orchestra

    Winner of many awards, the Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra is one of the best-known Finnish orchestras internationally. We warmly invite you to share with us the harmonious sound of our dynamic, quick-to-react orchestra!

  • Events in Kokkola

    Check out current and upcoming events easily via the events calendar. Pick out categories that interest you and choose suitable days, when you want to enjoy the memorable Kokkola.

    Events Calendar
  • Traces of the land uplift and maritime

    Kokkola National Urban Park covers an area of almost 20 000 hectares, mostly comprised of water areas. The park stretches from Kokkola railway station to the maritime archipelago and Tankar Lighthouse.

    Kokkola National Urban Park
  • Take a peek at Kokkola’s past with augmented reality

    Download the Salmi AR- app on your smartphone and a journey to the past can begin. You can find two routes in Kokkola from the Salmi AR- app. First route is Kokkola Maritime history, where historys moments are introduced to you by Kokkola’s city residents, local dignitaries and King Gustav II Adolf himself. The other route goes along Trullevi’s hiking route, where you get to explore signs of land uplift together with Kola the seal an Kokko the gull.

  • Kola Seal Cub

    Kola Seal Cub is a logo designed by Elina Warsta. This logo can now be found on t-shirts and bags. You can buy  these products from the Tourist Office on Market Place or you can shop online (Boardvillage´s Webshop). We also will give a 1 € donation with each purchase to a charity for children and youth.

    Boardvillage´s webshop


  • Samanlainen Onni

    4.11.2023 16.12.2023

    18:00 20:00

    Ykspihlajan Työväen Näyttämö, Satamakatu 40, 67900 Kokkola

  • Tila

    30.11.2023 27.1.2024

    19:00 20:00

    Kokkolan Kaupunginteatteri, Torikatu 48, 67100

  • Advent Calendar in Neristan

    1.12.2023 24.12.2023

    00:00 23:59

    Neristan – Kokkolan vanhakaupunki, Torggatan, Kokkola

  • Private Talk Show

    1.12.2023 10.2.2024

    18:30 20:30

    Katariinan kamari, Torggatan 48, 67100 Karleby, Finland

  • Hermes – K-Espoo


    18:30 20:30

    Kokkolan jäähalli, Kaarlelankatu 57, 67100 KOKKOLA

  • Näillä palkoilla ei makseta!

    1.12.2023 20.1.2024

    19:00 20:00

    Kokkolan Kaupunginteatteri, Torggatan 48, 67100 Karleby, Finland



    19:00 21:00

    Kulturgaraget, Katariinankatu 16, 67100 Karleby

  • Tullipakkahuoneen joulumessut

    2.12.2023 3.12.2023

    10:00 16:00

    Tullikamarinkatu, 67100 Kokkola

  • Nibacos – PTU


    18:00 20:00

    Kampushalli, Teknologiakatu 8, 67100 KOKKOLA

  • Arttu Wiskari

    2.12.2023 3.12.2023

    23:45 01:45

    Hotelli Seurahuone, Torikatu 25, 67100 KOKKOLA

  • Christmas yard at Reindeer Cottage

    3.12.2023 17.12.2023

    12:00 16:00

    Rödsön Poro-Pirtti, Haraksentie 15, 67400 Kokkola

  • Marjulan Joulumyyjäiset


    17:00 20:00

    Marjula, Korpilahdentie 109, 67410 Kokkola

  • Kokkolan Tiikerit – Valepa


    15:00 17:00

    Hollihaan liikuntahalli, Pikiruukintie 4, 67200 Kokkola

  • Villa Elban Tonttupolun yleisöpäivä


    16:00 20:00

    Sannanrannantie 60, 67200 Kokkola

  • Navetanvintin Joulu XI

    8.12.2023 10.12.2023

    16:00 16:00

    Jukkolanmäen Navetanvintti, Jukkolanmäen Navetanvintti, Jukkolanmäentie 27, 68230 Lohtaja

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