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On Läntinen Kirkkokatu you will get a good overall view of the old town, Neristan. The walker’s attention is particularly drawn towards the buildings’ wooden relief work and “gossip mirrors”. A gossip mirror is a small mirror fitted to a window frame, which facilitated looking out onto the street to see what was happening. In days gone by many Kokkola houses had these.

In 1997, siblings Helmer and Märta Drake bequeathed their home and its contents to the City of Kokkola as part of their will. The condition was that the house was to remain untouched and would be renamed the Fredrik and Anna Drake home, after their parents. Nowadays it is an interesting museum home, in which the same artisan family lived for four generations.

Open only by request. The house is part of K.H. Renlund Museum. Guided tours for a fee upon request.