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Sunti is the city’s verdant pathway to the sea. At the time of the founding of the city in the early 17th century, there were still marine straits navigable by sailing vessels and in front of the city there was a harbour and loading places. Nowadays only the narrow city straits remain as a memory of the marine straits.  Large park areas open out on both sides of Sunti. Walk and bike lanes follow Sunti the whole way of 2.5 km to the seaside. In the evenings you can enjoy the water fountain displays and the water organ. The Tar Road (Tervan tie), which is provided with information boards, also runs through the park, leading you into the city’s tar-scented past. The white Baltija statue (Petras Deltuva 1980) was donated to the people of Kokkola by our Lithuanian twinned city Marijampole. On the small island is a miniature of city´s most famous landmark Tankar lighthouse (Tomi Isopahkala 2019).

The Snellman House