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Our brochures are published online and can be read by clicking links below. You can also order a brochure with Order form with extra fee. Please give the number of brochures needed in addition to your contact information. Different language versions can be ordered at the same time. The brochures will be delivered by mail with extra charge or you can read them online.

  1. Visit Kokkola (Finnish, Swedish, English)
    The brochure contains a general presentation of our city and information on attractions and places to visit, activities at sea and on land, culture and shopping, accommodation and restaurants. The brochure includes a map of the city center. Read the brochure online.
  2. Neristan Kokkola´s Old Town (Finnish, Swedish, English, German)
    Neristan, the old town of Kokkola, is presented in texts and with images. This brochure “Neristan step by step” is a good help for walking tours. Read the brochure online.
  3. Tankar Guide – Lighthouse island Tankar (Finnish, Swedish, English, German)
    The exotic lighthouse island of Tankar is presented in texts and with images. This brochure is a guide for walking tours on the island. Read the brochure online.
  4. Kokkola Map (Finnish, Swedish, English)
    The map over Kokkola covers the city centre and on the back there is an area map of Kokkola with surroundings for motorists. Read the brochure online.