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The Church

Tankar Church, built in 1754, stands on a rock in the fishermen’s village. The church was built so that the fishermen would not have to make the long journey to Kaarlela church on the mainland every Sunday for the obligatory service. The church used to stand on the site of the lighthouse but was moved in 1889 when construction on the lighthouse began. The church’s outer dimensions measure a mere 8.2 x 6.25 m, and, apart from its white cross, it outwardly resembles a humble fishing cabin.

Each churchman had his own seat and carved his initials into the pews. Services were conducted by an assistant priest. For this he received an annual payment of 10-12 half barrels of herring. If the priest was unable to attend, then the harbour bailiff would conduct prayers and read the daily sermon. The church is a popular destination today as well, with concerts, devotional moments and weddings being organised there during the summer.

The beautifully preserved wooden church is an atmospheric place to visit. The church is owned by the Kokkola parish association. In the summer, the church can hold services, wedding ceremonies and other events appropriate to the church. Visit Kokkola administrates the church’s booking calendar and guided tours. During summer, the church is open for visitors.