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Other services on the island

On your own

There are picnic tables and a grill shelter in the harbour at the visitors’ disposal. It is strictly forbidden to use disposable grills or light a fire anywhere else on the island.

Keep the archipelago tidy: there is a lavatory and a waste disposal station in the harbour.


On Tankar, there are different saunas available to visitors. Hostel Tankar Inn has an electric sauna available to guests/conference participants staying at Tankar Inn. Sauna can be booked for 1h/room at Tankar Inn.

There is also a wood-burning sauna in the harbour, which can be booked at the café.


  • Family 20€/ hour
  • Group 50€/ hour
  • Rental towels 5€/ pc.

Guided island tour

The route tickets for M/S Jenny always include a guided tour of the island. The tour starts from the harbour five minutes after arriving on the island. If necessary, a tour can also be organised one hour after arrival. The tours are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The lighthouse is open to visitors on specific days and by advance reservation.

Travel Guides of Kokkola offer a possibility to book an authorised travel guide for the entire trip to Tankar. Contact Visit Kokkola for reservations.

Meeting and banquet services

Tankar is a perfect place for organising unforgettable meetings and celebrations. The island church is a popular place for wedding ceremonies.  Tankar Inn is open by agreement also in the spring and autumn. Moreover, we frequently host different retreats and leisure groups.

Contact us and let us help you plan the perfect package for your needs.

Our full-service company packages are available from October to April, and they can be booked also with the event office Eventas as specific Oma Tankar entities.


There are also smaller order boats available to take you to the island of Tankar, as well as other archipelago destinations.

  • M/S Leo, max 20 passengers
    Tel. +358 40 1827 075,
  • KL Sälgrund II, max 30 passengers
    Tel. +358 925 163 506,
  • PV Sargo, max 12 passengers
    Tel. +358 925 163 506,
  • PV Matts, open boat, max 5 passengers
    Tel. +358 925 163 506,