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The leading light of Harrinniemi, better known as the Harrbåda lighthouse, was built at the tip of the sandy headland in 1953. It was decommissioned in 1979. Since then, the concrete tower has deteriorated severely. At present, the Harrinniemi light is little more than a landmark.

Small villas were once built along the shoreline of the cape, but due to land uplift, they have ended up in the middle of the forest, away from the waterfront. The villas reflect the impact of Swedish architecture in the area.

The run-down light of Harrinniemi has given rise to many ghost stories, and the most famous of them all is probably the story of the haunting maiden of Harrbåda. According to the story, a family of three was shipwrecked on a stormy night, and the father and son were killed. The young mother was so devastated that she then drowned herself in the sea. The heartbroken maiden still haunts the area, and her ghost, wearing a white summer dress, can be seen by those who are soon facing an accident. If you have a keen ear, you may hear the maiden crying desperately near the Harrbåda light.