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We listed 10 cycling destinations where bike enthusiasts can pedal in no time. Many of these are also suitable destinations in the winter. The local bike rental stations are open all year round.


1. Meripuisto (2,3 km from the market square)

The fun and exciting Meripuisto park offers activities for the whole family! Bring your own snacks and have a picnic, or try the delicious hamburgers served at Burger Village. In Meripuisto, you can go swimming or play beach volleyball, minigolf or disc golf!

In the winter, visitors can use the campfire site at the new picnic area with colourful lighting.

2. Kesäravintola Mustakari (3,2 km from the market square)

Do you have a date coming up – but no idea where to go? How about a romantic bike trip via the boathouses of Halkokari to Summer restaurant Mustakari? The beautiful seaside restaurant is the perfect venue for a romantic candlelight dinner. Mustakari is also the base of the fourth oldest yacht club in Finland.

The picturesque route passes almost one hundred boathouses and is worth cycling also in the winter, although the warmth of the restaurant is out of reach for wintertime visitors.

3. Elba (4,3 km from the market square)

Ride your bike to Wanha Elba for a summer lunch or rent a SUP board or a canoe from Youth Centre Villa Elba and complete your bike trip with a maritime adventure! Elba is also the starting point for a nature trail that offers something to see for the whole family.

Villa Elba serves lunch on weekdays also in the winter, and if ice conditions permit, there are great outdoor exercise opportunities also on the ice. There is a campfire site at the beach.

4. Café Saha (5,6 km from the market square)

Located in the municipal district of Ykspihlaja, Café Saha adds a unique flavour to the local culture in Kokkola. The courtyard of the charming seaside café serves as a venue for events such as summer theatre performances, and the laid-back atmosphere of the café will make you feel right at home.

More hungry? Try restaurant Wanha Wellamo at the marina close by.

5. Harrbåda lighthouse (6,3 km from the market square)

Have you heard the ghost stories of Harrbåda? The story about the maiden of Harrbåda is sure to send shivers down your spine. However, if ghosts are not your cup of tea, there is also a nice hiking trail in Harrinniemi, and birdwatchers will certainly enjoy observing the rich birdlife in the area.

Harrinniemi is accessible via a quiet road which is popular among winter cyclists. It is a beautiful nature site all year round. There is a campfire site along the trail in Santahaka.

6. Palma (8,1 km from the market square)

Aching for the hot steams of a sauna? The saunas of Palma are open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:00–21:00. You can also take a refreshing dip in the sea. There is no better way to end a sweaty bike trip!

There is a pedestrian and bicycle way leading up to Palma, which is the number one place also for winter swimming in Kokkola. Double check the winter schedule for sauna and pack your swimwear and towel for the sauna!

7. Laajalahti (8,9 km from the market square)

A bike trip to the Laajalahti bay is a great way to spend a day! Pack your bag with snacks and swimwear and enjoy the salty sea air at the beach or play a round of disc golf on a full 18-hole course in the forest. Birdwatchers will find two great birdwatching towers in the area, and there is also a beautiful nature trail suitable for the whole family!

Laajalahti is a popular outdoor destination all year round, and the quiet road is perfect for cycling also in the wintertime. There is a campfire site along the trail and one at the beach.

8. Toivonen Animal Park and Peasant Museum (10,2 km from the market square)

Which animal says MOO? How about BAA? The Toivonen Animal Park, located 10 kilometres from Kokkola, is a popular summer destination for the whole family. Everyone will enjoy a day with the lovely farm animals, old tractors, and the idyllic farm lifestyle. We say YEAH!

9. Hällskär campfire (13,1 km from the market square)

Pack your bag with some sausages and ride your bike to the lean-to shelter of Hällskär. Hällskär is a great family destination in a magnificent rocky landscape by the sea, and it is worth a visit all year round. This may be the most scenic grill spot in Kokkola!

10. Café Bryggan (16,5 km from the market square)

Café Bryggan is a small gem hidden in Öja archipelago. The charming pier café offers unforgettable experiences in a fantastic archipelago landscape. There is a great swimming beach nearby, with a diving tower for daredevils. Café Bryggan is a popular cycling destination in the summertime.

The Karipolku trail in Lohtaja, Kokkola, offers stunning scenery on a mountain biking trail suitable for the whole family. Skip video: The Karipolku trail in Lohtaja, Kokkola, offers stunning scenery on a mountain biking trail suitable for the whole family.