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Westcoast Wooden Towns

Kokkola and other westcoastal towns offers something special to experience. Some of them are extensively preserved historical area of wooden houses and some have remarkable architectural buildings. House building technique radiates with traditional Ostrobothnian carpenter skill.

Why not to explore them all?

  • Neristan – The Wooden Town in Kokkola

    The town plan is from the 1650s. Area of Neristan covers 12 blocks with hundreds of wooden houses and courtyard buildings. The oldest are built in the 17th century. Over the centuries, area of Neristan has been shaped by land uplifts and fires, as well as by the development of the city, but you can still sense the spirit of the old city.

  • Skata – The Old Wooden House Neighbourhood

    Skata is one of Finland’s largest continuous areas of old wooden houses. Until the latter part of the 18th century Skata was a residential are for sailors and tobacco factory workers. Skata was protected in 1982 and it has largely preserved its original state. Today Skata is one of the most desirable residential areas in Pietarsaari-Jakobstad.

  • Finland´s most well preserved Wooden Town

    Kristiinankaupunki was founded in 1649 by Count Per Brahe to enhance trade in Bothnian Bay. The city has never burned down, and buildings originate from different time periods. Most of them have been built in the 1800s, but the oldest buildings hail from the 18th century. The rural culture is also perceivable both in the grid plan and in many buildings.

  • Vaasa – with vibes from a former capital

    Did you know that Vaasa was once the capital of Finland? Admittedly, it only lasted for three months in early 1918, but you can still feel the old splendor in the city’s historic buildings today. Many of the buildings can be visited as they now house museums, galleries, shops or restaurants.

  • The unique Aalto Centre in the heart of Seinäjoki

    Architect, designer and academician Alvar Aalto has been Finland´s most notable and  internationally renowned architect.  One of his markable works has been The Aalto Centre in Seinäjoki; the unique centre of six buildings in the heart of city. All the buildings are public to people and also guided tours are available.

  • Story Telling

    Are you seeking authentic experiences? These wooden towns are full of stories. Let our guides lead you and your group through historical sites and museums and listen to the fascinating stories about these old towns.