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Hire a guide – experience more!

In a city as old as Kokkola, there is a chance that you will stumble upon something very interesting. In our city there is plenty. The old woodentown of Neristan offers unforgettable stories and historical facts explained by our experienced guides.

Authorized Guides

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, German and French.

Promenade or Buss Tours

For more details and booking, please contact our Sales Department.
Kokkola Tourism Ltd, Tel. +358 40 8065 075,

Storytelling Tours by Laivurintalo and Tarinaportti

Promenades and historical guided tours in Finnish, Swedish or English.
Additional information:
Tel. 050 3748 604, Laivurintalo
Tel. 040 8257 651, Tarinaportti


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