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Coast and Archipelago

The coast and archipelago of Kokkola offer several pearls, whether you are on adventure by boat, canoe or hiking along the shorelines.

  • The Meripuisto Park

    The Meripuisto park area is an ideal picnic spot for the whole family. The seaside landscape, wide open grass fields and the barbeque area invite you to put together a picnic basket and spread out your blanket.

    The Meripuisto Park
  • Ohtakari and Vattaja

    The sandy beaches of the Vattajanniemi cape are found approximately 40 kilometres away from the Kokkola city centre. The Vattaja dune area is a valuable landscape also by European standards. Vattaja is Europe’s largest coastal dune area in the boreal region, and with 15 kilometres of shoreline, it is also one of the longest sandy beaches in the Nordic countries.

    Ohtakari and Vattaja
  • Trullevi

    In the summer, the sandy beaches of Trullevinniemi, called Punakalliot (Red Rocks) and Valkohieta (White Sands), attract families to spend a sunny day by enjoying swimming and picnics. The name of the Punakalliot beach refers to the rocky, red-toned landscape, with the big rocks steaming on a hot summer’s day. Both beaches are equipped with an outhouse, changing rooms and a campfire site.

  • Laajalahti

    Laajalahti offers something to see for the whole day! There is a nature trail in the area and two birdwatching towers. You can test your skills on a full 18-hole disc golf course hidden in the forest, or play a game of beach volleyball near the sandy shoreline. The beautiful dune landscape is framed by huge pine trees with duckboards running between them to the sandy Laajalahti beach. The water is shallow in Laajalahti, which makes the beach a perfect place even for the youngest family members. The Laajalahti beach has changing rooms, an outhouse and a grill shelter.

  • Öja fishing village

    You can visit the fishing village of Öja also by boat. There is a great guest harbour in Öja, along with a charming pier café that is open every day in the summertime. There is also a swimming beach, a diving tower, a museum and a beach volleyball court. A nature trail introducing visitors to the archipelago scenery starts from the fishing village. Öja is also a popular cycling destination, as it is accessible via a scenic coastal route of about 15 kilometres. Öja Fishing Village on Map.

    Öja Bryggan
  • Palma

    Palma is situated high on top of a rock. There is a deep beach, a diving tower, changing rooms, a toilet and a public sauna. Winter swimming is organised at Palma, and there is also a campfire site in the area.

  • Harrinniemi and Villa Elba

    An area with marked nature trails. In Harrinniemi, open sands, dunes, a bird tower and old leading light. Villa Elba has facilities as well as a bird tower and a boardwalk, which are also suitable for the disabled. And nearby yo can find Santahaka, which has more than 10 km of outdoor routes, as well as a shed and a campfire site. Good cycling routes to the area. Good parking areas and information boards with maps.

    Harrinniemi and Villa Elba
  • Charter to the Archipelago

    M/S Jenny – Cruises to the lighthouse island of Tankar and Köpmanholmen, Charter
    Tel. +358 40 8065 075, groups +358 44 7809 713

    M/S Leo, max 18 passengers
    Tel. +358 40 1827 075,

    KL Sälgrund II, max 28 passengers
    Tel. +358 925 163 506,