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Syksyinen pyöräilykuva

Rental of other equipment

  • Villa Elba has a unique green environment, nature trails and the sea. You can rent SUP boards, mountain bikes, fatbikes and canoes from there. SUP boards are either single or the largest can carry up to eight people. Rental includes wetsuits. Canoe rental includes life jackets. Walking sticks, binoculars and maps can be borrowed free of charge from the information desk of the Villa Elba. You can even hike to Harrbåda Lighthouse or Bird Tower, which is just 1 km from Villa Elba.

    Booking +358 50 329 4547 on Weekdays at 8am – 4pm. Show on map

  • NAAST rents canoes, SUP boards and camping gear. NAAST also offers guided outdoor tours.

    Inquiry and booking  +358 50 3377522 or

    Weekdays at 12am – 8pm and Sat-Sun at 12am – 6pm, Öjantie 454