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  • Neristan

    The Old Wooden Town Neristan is a gem at the centre of Kokkola and it is one of our country’s most extensively preserved historical area of wooden houses. The town plan is from the 1650s. Area of Neristan covers 12 blocks with hundreds of wooden houses and courtyard buildings.

  • The lighthouse island of Tankar

    Tankar – the island of a thousand tales – is a picturesque lighthouse island in the outer archipelago. The traditions of seafaring and fishing live strong on this rugged and beautiful island. The M/S Jenny connection to Kokkola, the summer café, guest harbour and accommodation choices are available to the locals an  tourists alike.

  • VesiVeijari

    The weather is always perfect in VesiVeijari. There is both an indoor and an outdoor slide, which are sure to thrill you all day long.

  • Halkokarin kahakka battle and a gunboat

    During the Crimean War English navy destroyed Ostrobothnian coastal cities docks and storage areas. With magistrate Anders Donners initiative Kokkola decided to defence themselves. In the summer of 1854 during the skirmish of Halkokari, a gunboat was captured with its crew.

  • The boathouses of Sunti

    The boathouses at Sunti continued the tradition of the old seaside storehouses, but they had to be built closer to the sea due to land uplift. The current boathouses were mainly built between 1883 and 1950.

  • Toivonen Animal Park and Peasant Museum

    The Toivonen Animal Park is a great destination for visitors of all ages. You can explore the extensive museum village, meet the farm animals and see numerous exhibitions and work demonstrations. Stop for a cup of coffee at the charming farmhouse and find treasures in the gift shop.