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The prices of the spaces depend on the hours of use. Ask for a quote if you are interested in several spaces.

1 hour4 hoursWhole day
Kokkola Hall400 € (2 hours)600 €1000 €
Öja90 €300 €400 €
Kaarlela90 €300 €400 €
Lohtaja50 €150 €200 €
Ullava50 €150 €200 €
Kälviä75 €200 €300 €
500 €800 €
Oppistan100 €350 €600 €

VAT 24% will be added to prices. All rights reserved.


Attendance of the conference host 42 €/hour (incl. VAT 24 %)*
* charge after 4pm on weekdays and on Saturdays

Sunday / public holiday surcharge: 84 €/h

The rental price includes one hour of set-up time before the event.

Service charge: 10 €/invoice

Other services:

furniture changes, streaming, cloakroom services, registration services, additional cleaning, interpretation services, decoration services.

Booking Conditions:

A reservation is binding once the client has received a written confirmation of the booking from Kokkola Tourism Ltd and no changes have been proposed by the client within seven days of receiving confirmation. The rental price for conference rooms includes cleaning, the services of our conference host, lighting, basic furniture, and the fixed technical equipment in the room in question. Additional equipment and services will be invoiced separately.

Payment Terms:

Kokkola Tourism Ltd charges the client for services agreed in advance. The payment term for an invoice is net 10 days.

Cancellation terms:

A confirmed order is binding. However, the customer can cancel the order for a fee:

(Days refer only to working days)

CostsLess than
30 persons
30-60 personsOver 60
Costs 0 %At least 8 days
before the event
At least 22 days
before the event
At least 61 days
before the event
Costs 50 %7-4 days
before the event
21-8 days
before the event
60-15 days
before the event
Costs 100 %3 days or less7 days or less14 days or less